20 bridges to startups

20 startup tips from 20 years

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I did a session 24.2.2017 in Crazy Town Hämeenlinna, Finland focusing 20 important aspects from my career I would focus in a startup. It was really interesting to get comments and I will summarize the discussion. Systematic I really wanted to emphazise this point and explained how we tried to develop methods to manage tasks […]


Best Seasonal Presents for startups

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After a few years as business developer in prepincubation/incubation business I started my own business and as co-founder in Chainfrog.com. It has been about quarter of a year and already some things come back to my mind what is the startups really need and what would be the best ”Seasonal Presents” for them. * Demanding […]


Night in a Game Jam

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I was lucky to be one of the organizers and overseeing one night shift of a RAY Game Jam! Inspired by ”Night in the Museum” I will be making a diary every hour what happened here in Game Jam (19.-20.11. Saturday night). What is a Game Jam? Check here:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Game_jam. We had a 48h RAY Game […]


Inspiring Communities

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This week I have participated to Tampere internationalization and Kangasala Municipaly Future seminar. There seems to be a need for cities, entrepreneurs and citizens to find new ways to communicate and network as public resources are diminishing and the world is changing so fast. I have had an honor to be in my 15 career […]


How easy is it to make Personal Web pages?

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I wanted to test something new and decided to make my personal web pages over the weekend: www.kimmorouhiainen.fi Here are my thoughts! My toolbox – ”Yrittäjän opas omiin verkkosivuihin” – eBook by Diep, Kustula and Kangasmäki – Hosting service – WordPress – Pixabay – Very limited, nearly no experience to create web pages or coding […]

Share to Multiply

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I believe in working together to achieve bigger goals in our lives. To find inspiration in everyday and everyone’s lives I meet that day! During the last month I had an opportunity to participate events and co-operation forums in other Finnish cities or projects outside of Tampere Innovation Platforms. Some of the learnings I have […]


Blind Spots of Startup Talk

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There is a great active Startup Scene in Finland and abroad. A lot of great news of startups changing the world (10 top Israeli companies changing the world from nocamels.com or news from arcticstartup.com). Still I feel there are some common Blind Spots which should be talked more… Too much focus on investment & pitching […]


Avoin kirje microsoftin irtisanottaville

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Kerronpa teille ajatuksiani lainaten Tuntemattoman ajattelijan elämänohjeita. ”Jos vertaat itseäsi muihin, niin älä tule turhamaiseksi tai katkeraksi, sillä aina on suurempia ja pienempiä persoonallisuuksia kuin sinä.” Olen elämässäni ollut yhteensä sairaalassa vuosia, itseäni ja lapsiani katsellen. Vain ihminen, joka on ollut tällaisissa tilanteissa, tietää että me vertaille. Voimme joko tulla katkeriksi omasta tilanteestamme tai saada […]


Team Building Mysteries

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Based on thousands of cases I can say that startups need to get right people in right places, when growth companies are much more about right processes and execution of the validated business model. There is a lot of talk about lean startup and tools like lean canvas and pitching. What is really missing is […]