Mr. Rouhiainen has almost 20 years of experience in practical level startup business development and innovations, helping persons and companies to grow.

Kimmo Rouhiainen Consulting has the following working process with the customers  (just contact Kimmo for more info):

Probing – Can we work well together ?

I want to work with persons and teams I trust and think I can give added value. This is why I am active in organizing seminars, events, social media activities and other ways to meet people and get to know them to find a perfect match to work together. Check my social media activities what I am involved and where I am active!

Testing – Are there common practical goals and results together?

Lets start something. Give me a challenge, project, short-term consultancy with clear results. I mostly work with startups and new innovations and only testing and doing I can see and taste if there is a common goals, business and rock-n-roll attitude!

Ramping up – How can we validate our assumptions and learn?

Learning is hard, you need experience not to give up and know what is the right information and how to continue testing ideas and innovations where there is no clear reference in the markets. I can help with my partner network and contacts! Here I do mostly sweat equity, commission and fixed payment deals.

Exit – How to make money at the end?

One must be ready to hand over the business to next stage investors, companies or organizations. Or event pivot and end the case. My partner network is for that, to know when I and possibly my client should exit or find partners to go to next level!

I can do sweat equity investments to very few seletected startups. Here are my main Consulting Partners