20 startup tips from 20 years

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I did a session 24.2.2017 in Crazy Town Hämeenlinna, Finland focusing 20 important aspects from my career I would focus in a startup. It was really interesting to get comments and I will summarize the discussion.
I really wanted to emphazise this point and explained how we tried to develop methods to manage tasks in hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and quaterly manner, as a startup clock. There was discussion about time management and managing yourself which is really important indeed as a founder who will create the corporate culture and daily direction.
Most of the time we discussed about the team. There were challenges how and where to find those complementary persons when startup incentives are not that great. And how to know who is good or not. Answer, time will tell so do not give company shares too fast or important position based on CV only. But how to find best talents, for example coders? There was no one answer it seemed to take a long time and leg work to be in events, seminars and social media to attract talents at the right time.
It is hard to challenge your thinking, people tend to think there is something just around the corner outside there which hinders the big success. So this is why lean startup, user testing and systematic thinking all come together. These methods help co-founders to test their thinking, business hypothesis and team composition and learn how to guide their company through the rough world.
These were the main topics. Check the slideset from https://www.slideshare.net/KimmoRouhiainen/20years20learnings-by-kimmo-rouhiainen. And please comment your main findings in a starup world!
Kimmo Rouhiainen, Startup Evangelist – 20 years married with startups & talents
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