Best Seasonal Presents for startups

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After a few years as business developer in prepincubation/incubation business I started my own business and as co-founder in It has been about quarter of a year and already some things come back to my mind what is the startups really need and what would be the best ”Seasonal Presents” for them.

* Demanding Customer *

In my opinion a good demanding customer wants to benefit from You as startup in personal level. Maybe he / she wants to boost the career, earn more money / options or other solid reason. He / she then wants to *really* to succeed! What can be a better advocate to a startup?

* Networks besides Advice *

When designing mentoring activities for startups, I thought knowledge and good advice is most important aspect of mentoring to a startup. After being a startup myself again, I think the best gift is to open one’s networks for a startup to validate the most urgent challenges a startup has. Different Advice are usually contradictory but good contacts give the best advice a startup can ever get! They are the real gifts.

* Support to go Forward *

I have seen thousands of startups and never I have been in a situation that a startup entrepreneur would not need supportive and positive words. Startup leaders are like everyone else and need a few supportive words every day. They do not always need advice what is right or wrong as nobody knows but supportive words to go-forward they need as I need every day!

These were my ideas of the Best Seasonal Presents for startups after Q4/2016 and New Year 2017 starting! What would be yours?

Kimmo Rouhiainen,

Startup & Community Evangelist & Entrepreneur – 20 years married with startups and inspiring people!

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