Blind Spots of Startup Talk

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There is a great active Startup Scene in Finland and abroad. A lot of great news of startups changing thegraduation-802899_1280_MV world (10 top Israeli companies changing the world from or news from

Still I feel there are some common Blind Spots which should be talked more…

  1. Too much focus on investment & pitching talk

This is the biggest complain what I have heard from people entering startup field. There is a lot of news about startups raising X millions when typically other business news are about new products, financial results and market share changes. A typical founder could feel unlike when he / she is not planning to raise money but would need sales, not pitching training to investors?

  1. Why not talk about problems with welfare and taxation

Startups are about disrupting the status que, it is their owners’ and investors’ sole purpose to find a scalable business model. But when thinking as a tax payer or citizen, I am worried what happens to the society if new earning models become a norm,  like MLM or many platform business models where the taxation and other costs are “supposedly” to be paid by the user? This could create a serious problem of micro PANAMAs where tax evasion is so easy when Governments cannot monitor tax issues anymore. Should there be more discussion of welfare and startups or shall we just accept what will happen when taxation become more and more difficult because of new business models?

  1. Is there anymore a big need of public risk investments to startups

Over 10 years ago in Finland there was a lot of talk about early stage funding gap what the Public money should fill. Is there any big gap anymore and are the gradually lowering capability of public investment on the right spot anymore if it is still given to growth companies (which could get their money from markets anyway)? The startup talk is still about funding when the data shows that the biggest number of growth companies are from Construction and (ICT) services (TEM Yrityskatsaus 2015) and not from most funded startup fields.

Overall, should we talk more about the Blind Spots or is all well in Startup World?

Kimmo Rouhiainen, Startup Evangelist – 20 years married with startups

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