How easy is it to make Personal Web pages?

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I wanted to test something new and decided to make my personal web pages over the weekend: Here are my thoughts!Story picture

My toolbox

– ”Yrittäjän opas omiin verkkosivuihin” – eBook by Diep, Kustula and Kangasmäki

– Hosting service

– WordPress

– Pixabay

– Very limited, nearly no experience to create web pages or coding them

What happened? In short – it is VERY EASY to create Your pages and I wonder why there are not more of them linked in Linkedin / Facebook or any other social media as Web pages create an extra layer to express yourself and admin your personal data and network!

The cost was about 50 EUR for domain and hosting for one year, all others were freeware. Time used was about 8 hours max. I highly recommend people to test and try to make their own pages!

Kimmo Rouhiainen, Startup Evangelist – 20 years married with startups

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