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horses_MVThis week I have participated to Tampere internationalization and Kangasala Municipaly Future seminar.
There seems to be a need for cities, entrepreneurs and citizens to find new ways to communicate and
network as public resources are diminishing and the world is changing so fast. I have had an honor to be in my 15 career in many great communities; Hermia Incubator, HUB network, New Factory, to name a few. So what have been some of the cornerstones of those communities I have been facilitating or participating?

1. Acceptance
Who sees you first in your life? At best that bond is life-long and based on 100% acceptance. When I have
been accepted to a community as I am, like a just-born baby, the bond is so strong that you want to do
something to inspire others and join that community. This is a real magic around strongest communities I
have belonged.

2. Diversity
When a Community welcomes all who want to come and participate, the diversity marches in. It is not only
about the age, sex, color or anything seen from outside. At deepest level diversity is a acceptance of
diversity of thinking, values and feelings and learning from them.

3. Give and Get
When you have diversity, a member of a community will find what she/he can give first and get from others.
If everyone would be similar, what new inspiring ideas and skills or different views and opinions would
you find? When enough people give, individual persons get so much more, being it opinions, testing a idea,
forming a team etc.

4. Systematic
Well, a good community needs rules, structures and ways to communicate also. It is like a building where a lot is not visible and underground. There is a so many new inspiring ways to enhance a community, making bonding through tribing or symboling, showing great examples and so on. But frame without a heart is just an empty house looking for inhabitants to move in, to make a building a house. What is a city without inspired citizen? Or a family without acceptance?

Kimmo Rouhiainen,
Startup & Community Evangelist – 20 years married with startups and inspiring people!
We can change the World to better when we take baby steps in our local communities every day!

I hope these remarks have been interesting and thoughtful. As I am making new concepts for communities like Gaming Hub in Tampere, please share and participate to give your cornerstones of those most inspiring communities You have belonged!