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rgj_sat_overseer2I was lucky to be one of the organizers and overseeing one night shift of a RAY Game Jam! Inspired by ”Night in the Museum” I will be making a diary every hour what happened here in Game Jam (19.-20.11. Saturday night). What is a Game Jam? Check here: We had a 48h RAY Game Jam from Friday 6pm to Sunday 6pm.

If this blog is more cryptic than my other blogs before, the reason must be that I wrote it during the night.

Lets start.

10.00pm. Everyone seems to be energetic but a little tired. One guy went downstairs to shower and said that if he is not back before 11.30pm (?), we might launch a search party.

11.00pm. Some giggling and women laugh. This must be a good night! There has been almost 10 pick-ups from downstairs, this night shift is not only waiting at desk, this is also an exercise. By the way, shower man came back fresh!

12.00am. I innovated 2nd table under office table to get my legs stretched. And it is not even a midnight yet 🙂 The people are so different in jams, open and relaxed as time goes by and people get more and more tired and social restrictions start to vanish. Checking dishing machine with someone, sure it is important to get 30 clean mugs for gamers before midnight!

01.00am. Why Tampere 3 is on hold? How dishing machine works? Why real time strategy games suck at the moment? There are just many topics to cover at 1am! Also first sleeping lounge customer.

02.00am. ”This is a like mini vacation; you can go to shower and take a trip with your sleeping bag / Tämä on kuin minilomalla, suihkuun pääsee ja makuupussiin sukeltaa”, says one participant. What more you can say about a game jam?

03.00am. ”Hi, are You here often? Last time Yesterday! / Hei, käytkö usein täällä? Viimeksi eilen!”, another eavesdropping. Also, people start to slow down, more go to sleeping and to toilet.

04.00am. I have been reading Tampere Region Economic Development Program 2017-21 and page 20/23 talks about Tampere Hot Springs! What? You read differently 4am? Also the premises start to be silent, about 75% is sleeping or out of the building and 25% still working for a game project (10).

05.00am. I woke up from a dogsleep. Current status: 2 persons at computers. Others it is very quiet.

06.00am. Only 1 working at the back. I have been sleeping from 4.30am onwards on a chair, taking naps. My colleague (other overseer) is still looking how to model a game in a Paper Mill. That is so cool!

07.00am. The decisive moment happened 6.39am. The last man is down from working area. But 2 overseers are up and running at maximum efficiency. The last hour seems to be the longest, time do not fly.

08.00am. Total statistics: about 1 hour light sleep, 2 cups of chocolate, 2 Saskia soda, handful of candy and 2 apples. 2 toilet visits. And finally free!

Recommended, just join game jam night shift. It is totally safe and without unpleasant substances and industrial hazards! Thank you other organizers, friends, IGDA Tampere and RAY.

Kimmo Rouhiainen,
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