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I believe in working together to achieve bigger goals in our lives. To find inspiration in everyday and everyoSharetoMne’s lives I meet that day!

During the last month I had an opportunity to participate events and co-operation forums in other Finnish cities or projects outside of Tampere Innovation Platforms.

Some of the learnings I have made when going outside of the box for Tampere.

  1. If You want something bigger, You have to co-operate in certain fields
  2. If one succeeds, everyone succeeds
  3. There are a lot of great initiatives to benchmark

If You want something bigger, it is much easier if players co-operate in certain fields. How Helsinki can make big events? Is it only the amount of startups or something else? For example HealthSPA organizes Nordic Health Investment Day during Arctic15 when investors are already around. Or Microsoft Flux has NewCo Helsinki popup for startup practicalities. How about Helsinki Growth Alliance to provide unified services in different places? Could there be Tampere Growth Alliance (TGA)?

If one succeeds, everyone succeeds. This is of course personal, but I feel the co-events in Helsinki or Nordic Business Forum and KasvuOpen concepts from Jyväskylä have created something which the whole Finnish startup community can be proud and participate. What have Tampere startup scene created during the last 3 years which other regions have notified and can participate? There must be something but I am too close to see it?

There are a lot of great initiatives to benchmark. I only had a short time to check and participate to events outside of Tampere region (not even talking the big world out there). There are a lot of great concepts which Tampere Innovation Platforms could “copy with pride” and move forward!

Are we in Tampere ready to move forward?

Kimmo Rouhiainen, Startup Evangelist – 20 years married with startups

These opinions are personal and do not present former, current or future employees or official positions.