When do you know you are creating something truly new?

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light-painting-1632115_1280Again our friends in Tredea (Innovaatioseteli event) and my adventure as business development lead of www.chainfrog.com inspired me write what could be common in these in my opinion ”new things to the World (Finland)” initiatives.
So what are the signals a business owner or creator must look to know there is something truly new in her / his idea or invention?
* People are emotional about it *
When I talk about blockchain people are interested in a special way about them. They want to understand what they really mean and what it means to them. Also, there was a great interest / debate today how Innovaatioseteli (Innovation Voucher) can be better applied to Finnish innovation system. Are people uncertain? Do they have a lot of questions? Are they carried away with your idea and vision and tell what you can do with it?
* Outsiders do not get it *
What are blockchains? Why people just do not get it? Again, when you explain something truly new there are simple and known principles like database or peer-to-peer network in blockchains but when you start to add up things the picture is not what outsiders would expect. The total picture is more than the components. Do you have hard time to explain what do you do? Or what is the big picture and what can be done with the innovation?
* It does not work properly *
Did the first auto mobiles or mobile phones really work properly? No, all new things need early adapters who really accept crappy products, delays and shitty customer service and experience. Can you truly do something really new with your resources that works? Probably not and you should not wait too long with your idea without feedback from those who love your idea and service!
* You need to fix it fast and all the time *
How you can truly shine with our audience is to fix the problems your audience points to you quickly and all the time. Do you got a lot of feedback and how to make your product or service better?
* You do not know the answers *
Based on great interest and feedback there should be a lot of questions. When creating something new, you must be prepared to answer ”I do not know”. I have been in many times in my career had to answer that way, not hiding my ill-knowledge. Are you in your uncomfort zone when answering questions? Do you truly know the answers? Are you happy to answer ”it was a good question, thanks, we will think about!”?
* Actually you do not find the answers *
And when looking for references, answers and so on you might not find direct answers. There could be someone who knows but you cannot reach him / her (or why not) or you might be able to stretch similarities from different fields or cases. Is there problems to find a clear ”do it this way” answers or guides? Do you have to go deep to science or psychology to build the principles to your idea? Are you confused?
* You are inspired *
I saved this signal to the last but it is not the least. If you are inspired about what you do and it feels completely new way to solve the real problems of the world…you should be proud that you can work on that topic. And guess what, there are a lot of people who want to do something new and get truly inspired. So do not hide you crappy product and bugs and there are those who see past all that and want to try, comment, join and change the world! With You.
So do you agree or disagree on these signals? Do you have your own signals from your experience when creating something new and identifying it? Comment please!
Kimmo Rouhiainen,
Startup & Community Evangelist & Entrepreneur – 20 years married with startups and inspiring people!
We can change the World to better when we take baby steps and believe in our local communities every day!
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Ps. My reference to Tredea Innovaatioseteli do not imply that they posses these signals or actually have any of those properties described above. It was the event and my own experiences which made me write the blog 🙂 And please follow www.chainfrog.com, there are some great news coming in the following month!