Why am I moving from Software to Foodtech

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I have been working with mostly software and hardware startups for more than 20 years. First in Hermia Incubator and Hermia area, where companies like Solita, Vincit or OptoFidelity were born. Then in the Tampere city center in New Factory, which was a home of companies like Intopalo, Yousician (Ovelin) or Framery. I have also been a co-founder of Hitlab (Human Interaction Laboratory) and Chainfrog (a blockchain company).

Now I am intentionally moving away from core software and hardware startups and technologies. Why?

There has been two major issues which have been irritating me for several years already, more and more when current instant social media and fast interactions become a norm.

1) Software creates problems which are solved with an other software solution

There are more and news about how social media applications first creates addiction and then there are software to solve these. Or there are software tools and systems which are created to solve and manage software itself. It is normal but the amount and complexity of problems created is becoming more and more difficult to solve…others than pouring more money to software companies.

2) Software quality is hard to measure and understand at the end by those who buy it

Have you ever heard your fellow startup or person buying a software project which ended badly? Or public sector big project which ended miserably? I have heard these so many times and it is of course both developers and customers to blame. But I feel personally that when there is more and more demand on digitalisation and software skills, there are more and more problems emerging in both sides. And a lot of bad karma coming!

So why Foodtech?

First, I see clear potential in Finland to go to next level with Finnish food quality and processes, to add the same software and hardware solutions I criticised earlier. Now there is a purpose to change the world to a better place, to find solutions which can give basic needs to a people, make them healthier and giving them (physical) energy to solve their everyday problems!

Second, as I have personally a problem to understand a good end product from a bad in software business, I think (and here is the naive thinking I know) can can better do it in foodtech business. It will not be easy but I want to take that extra challenge.

Third, I see there is clear under served market in Finland where food meets hitech in a systematic and branded way. We talk about a lot of hitech companies but do we always solve big enough real life problems? Isn’t saving people every day with a quality food big enough problem for a small country, to start stronger activities in this?

Kimmo Rouhiainen

”Working with startups for more than 20 years and still happy and motivated”

Kimmo’s Food Manifesto

#1 Everyone is entitled to Good Food

#2 Everyone is entitled to Good Ingredients

#3 Everyone can Cook

Disclaimer: These opinions are personal and do not represent any past, current or future companies I work with or own. I do not want to discourage any of the mentioned brands or individuals, they are just there for clarity and as examples. And do not worry, you can still talk software and hardware cases to me!