Why Magic Happened

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Text by Kimmo Rouhiainen, Cover Photo by Wortley / Pixabay.com, Photos by Arcile Tapayan

I was one of the main organisers of Talent Tampere Export Gateway, which was a successful pilot in every aspect; numbers, results, social media activities, feedback and so on.

I wanted in this blog to reflect my opinions why this pilot succeeded so well. These opinions are my own, and are not part of any official reporting or delivery to our financier Business Tampere or any other party.

So, what was Talent Tampere Export Gateway? It was a pilot from Business Tampere and it’s brand Talent Tampere to help international talent to show their skills by solving a company challenge in a team in 2-weeks. It was a demanding process which used lean service design principles by Veikko Törrönen from Kreapal Oy and a lot of facilitation and support. At the end talents presented their findings and hopefully many are continuing as intern or co-operate with the company after the pilot.

Our path to success started with our small team of me and Veikko which got great support from Talent Tampere team Mari and Eero. After some discussions we were able to add first Virva and then Van to our team. Core team formed naturally and with passion to deliver the best possible results. I can also say that we were able to find right persons to right roles. After some quick tasks and deliveries the team started to be more than the sum of it’s individuals.

When team started to work fluently together there was another very important aspect why we did more than was asked or expected. We did not have a word ”No” in our vocabulary. When someone suggested something, we were thinking how we can make it happen. Sometimes it was not possible but the person who had the idea admitted it him/herself after discussions. This created open communication and willingness to share ideas. Also, we made mistakes as it was a first time doing this kind of pilot to all of us, but when there was trust and openness, it just created more experiences together. It was about our willingness to get things done, not always to get all 100% right. I feel this showed the participants how just doing things we can learn as they started they demanding path to find their results to the challenges.

Still, there is something missing ”Why Magic Happened”. All the above were important but when one start to do very small right things over the time-line, it all starts to add up and the companies, talents, funders and the team started to believe. It can and will happen, even if one does not know the way.

I know we did not get all the details right to the first time, but I hope the spirit of

  • lets do it
  • there is only Yes
  • team with good roles
  • and shared trust

will carry to next Talent Tampere Export Gateway!

I hope all involed a nice Spring and Summer 2018!

Kimmo Rouhiainen

Business Dev in Chainfrog Oy

Owner at Kimmo Rouhiainen Consulting

Head of Tampere in Digirockstars Oy

”20 Years with Startups and still learning”